What To Do With A Webinar Recording

When you run a stay online streaming webinar event, you’ve got got a totally smooth manner to create content, get traffic, or construct a higher dating together with your subscribers. But many humans make the error of both proscribing themselves to handiest jogging one available webinar or they will run webinars but will fail to apply the electricity of a webinar recording. That’s why you must take your webinar recording and vicinity it online as a time-constrained replay.

If you are taking that recording, vicinity it right into a non-public members’ area, and additionally consider one 1/3 use on your webinar consisting of a club dashboard or maybe a few sort of an e-book with minimum editing.

I essentially see forms of webinars taking vicinity. Webinars in which a person paid you cash to get entry to a paid schooling route or an unfastened webinar in which you’re freely giving unfastened facts and on the stop pitching a few sorts of a paid route.


When you run a stay event, you need humans to reveal up stay at a selected date and time so that you can get target market interplay and train humans properly then and there. But a few humans sincerely can’t attend.

Some humans produce other plans, perhaps they did not acquire previous notification, or possibly they’re in an exceptional time quarter than you – despite the fact that you’re supplying withinside the afternoon, it’s far the nighttime for lots of your would-be webinar attendees.

That’s why it is a first-rate concept to file your webinar the use of gear consisting of GoToWebinar plus Camtasia Recorder and vicinity it on an internet web page – an internet web page with not nothing else on it besides a video that performs automatically, gambling your webinar precisely because the stay attendees regarded it with fast-ahead controls and a hyperlink or button underneath that video in which any person can be part of your paid route that you pitch on the top of an unfastened call.

Now, further to setting this unfastened replay online, I need you to ensure to handiest preserve it online for multiple days to ensure that humans will view the video. But additionally, vicinity that records the inner of a paid members’ area.

Just the fact you gave schooling free of charge would not suggest that it lacks value. That’s why you must file each webinar you gift and vicinity those recordings inner of a paid club site. Even if you are putting all of them in the identical club site, how top-notch wouldn’t it be if a person joined one of all your publications and obtained twenty or maybe thirty of your numerous webinar recordings?

Finally, constantly be considering what different makes use of you could use on your webinar content. In addition to setting up an unfastened replay, or a paid replay, you could additionally get that webinar transcribed and changed into articles, reports, or books.

When you file your webinar, vicinity that unfastened webinar online for a constrained time as a replay to the public, put that identical recording inner of a paid club site. Has that webinar transcribed to be used in different substances later?