Franchise and Basic Concepts of Business

In order to actually apprehend the idea of Franchising, an exploration of the simple ideas of commercial enterprise is needed. There isn’t anyt any magic in that. It simply makes an experience that will offer readability approximately the Franchising method.

Franchising isn’t a commercial enterprise in itself. It is a commercial enterprise method. It’s a commercial enterprise gadget. That’s a tremendous difference that is not clear. Mcdonald’s is withinside the rapid meals commercial enterprise – despite the fact that many human beings experience they’re simply withinside the actual property commercial enterprise, at the same time as others suppose they are withinside the leisure commercial enterprise.

Regardless of that dialogue, they’re now no longer withinside the commercial enterprise of Franchising.

Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants is withinside the commercial enterprise of telecom consulting. Ramada is withinside the commercial enterprise of working properties. Snap-On Tools is withinside the commercial enterprise of promoting tools. Each employer makes use of Franchising as its method to penetrate and dominate the marketplace.

However, their center commercial enterprise pertains to the goods and offerings supplied to their clients, the usage of the Franchising method to supply the one’s services and products in a constant manner. An extra extensive dialogue of the Franchising idea will follow, however first we want to delve into the simple ideas of commercial enterprise.

If a person says to you that they are withinside the commercial enterprise of Franchising, they do not simply get what they are doing. It’s all approximately the client, and if the point of interest isn’t at the client and their desires, then something is awry. Customers do not want a Franchise. They want hamburgers, telecom consulting, resort rooms, and tools. So consequently Franchisors aren’t withinside the commercial enterprise of Franchising.

It needs to be approximately the client, would not it? After all, the client will pay for the whole lot. They pay for salaries, they pay the rent, they pay the utilities, they pay for the fees of turning in the product or provider, and they pay the profit.

In agencies that usage of the Franchising method, the client will pay the royalties, the client will pay for the improvement of the gadget, which includes guide and operations, and they pay for the whole lot the commercial enterprise does in its everyday activities, each Franchisor and Franchisee.

At Schooley Mitchell, we’ve got a credo that asserts that ‘Good is the Enemy of Great’. It’s now no longer virtually original, however we are hoping our technique is simply that. First of all, if greatness is to be achieved, consciousness ought to be absolutely at the client.

We need to hold to try to have our clients clamor for our offerings. If we are glad about being properly at it, we will in no way be first-rate. I need to be first-rate. We need to be first-rate. Our consciousness ought to be absolutely at the client to attain that intention.

Purpose of Business

O.K, so let’s study the functions and targets of commercial enterprise, irrespective of whether or not the intention is to be properly, or first rate. I do not suppose every body has a intention to be bad, so we will depart that one out.

First of all, the simple cause of commercial enterprise is to make money. It isn’t approximately your manner to provide lower back to humanity. That’s a charity. People that desire to be in commercial enterprise for themselves are doing so which will make money. That should not be a marvel to everybody.

So how do all agencies make money? As said above, the consciousness of the client. Therefore, the cause of day-by-day activities, the targets of commercial enterprise, are to get new clients, fulfill the ones, clients, hold the clients, and develop commercial enterprise, both with or thru the one’s clients.

Get, fulfill, hold, and develop. There you’ve got got it. These are the functions of a commercial enterprise. They shape the primary set of 4 in a idea we’ve got advanced at Schooley Mitchell referred to as our four By four Concept. The different 4 might be mentioned at a later point.

You can not consider a transaction that occurs in a commercial enterprise that is not aimed toward this kind of 4 matter. The key’s to apprehend that they’re 4 awesome matters and that they every require awesome techniques designed to attain excellence in all 4 regions if greatness is to be achieved.


Most human beings ‘get’ this one. This is income and marketing. Peter Drucker stated there are most effective matters that create fee in commercial enterprise – income and innovation. The relaxation are fees.

I might propose that many groups generally tend to grow to be satisfied with their present suite of clients. Or they land the ‘massive one’ and all is properly. I might additionally propose that if there aren’t consistent techniques installed region to hold to get new clients, to get new blood, then stagnation will follow.

Landing the ‘massive one’ can in reality place the commercial enterprise in a totally precarious position. It’s referred to as over-trading. If the commercial enterprise is based too closely on one supply for its sales it is able to be in massive hassle if some thing is going incorrect with that client.

The strategy to over-trading, and to hold producing a constant flow of latest clients which will hold any commercial enterprise colorful and transferring forward, is to enforce first-rate ‘get’ techniques. And in no way quit. That’s truely now no longer rocket science, however it’s miles a simple guiding principle of long time survival.

General Motors must were looking to determine out how to ‘get’ Japanese clients withinside the 1970’s. That might have led them to apprehend how to ‘hold’ North American clients. Enough stated.


A lot of human beings simply omit the boat in this one. I in reality noticed a truck pressure through me these days that had a slogan at the aspect in proud, ambitious letters that stated ‘We Deliver Satisfied Customers’. They regarded to be pretty pleased with the reality that they in reality supplied what they sell.

All clients for all agencies count on to be glad or they would not whole the commercial enterprise transaction withinside the first region. Boasting that clients are glad is like saying, ‘we do not rip you off’. Well, massive deal and thank you.

Satisfaction ought to be a given. It is needed for survival. It is truely one of the 4 important functions or targets of commercial enterprise, however it’s so regularly misunderstood. Satisfaction is what human beings purchase, in order that they count on it to be delivered. Michael Vickers, certainly considered one among our Sales & Marketing teachers at Schooley Mitchell, says that ‘Whatever employer, in anything industry, units the usual in client provider, movements the bar up for all people.’ It’s a first rate message. We ought to continuously be cautious of what clients count on which will be glad, and it is an ever-growing preferred. However, it is not anything to gloat approximately. It’s simply what you sell.

In an e-book referred to as ‘If It Ain’t broke – Break It!, Robert Kriegel wrote, “Embrace the unexpected. The most effective component that may not extrade is that the whole lot will hold changing. Today’s skills, knowledge, and merchandise stay rapid, get vintage earlier than their time, and die young.

The in a single day letter, which becomes the innovation of the 1980s, is now used most effectively whilst you are now no longer in a hurry.” He wrote that message 15 years ago! It’s a clear, and nonetheless valid, indication that we want to usually re-device to fulfill client pleasure goals.


If pleasure is a continuously transferring target, and pleasure calls for ever-growing attempt and commitment, then to hold clients calls for extra than simply pleasure. Customers count on pleasure. They purchase pleasure. People will replica pleasure. If it is all this is supplied, then it comes right all the way down to price, and that is a dropping sport regardless of what commercial enterprise is at hand.

Therefore, techniques are required to offer extra than what the client buys, which will preserve long-time period trusting relationships. Michael Vickers says to “take a preferred provider providing and up-stage it.” That defines the ‘hold’ techniques that a commercial enterprise ought to employ. Ignoring this one will once more create stagnation or denigration.


Most people have heard that it’s miles much less high-priced to do extra commercial enterprise with present clients than to gain new ones. It is my notion which you ought to do each.

In order to do extra commercial enterprise with present clients, there need to be constant techniques in region to train them approximately new services and products. In addition, you ought to apprehend their commercial enterprise, especially because it changes, in order that it turns into obvious whilst your services and products may be supplied.

You ought to additionally placed practices in play to invite for extra commercial enterprise. Complacency is just too regularly the norm whilst possibilities are in the front people. Companies that enforce tactics to make certain this stuff are controlled will keep growing commercial enterprise thru the develop techniques.

The develop techniques additionally encompass asking present clients to guide you for your commercial enterprise boom thru others. It’s sudden what number of human beings might be inclined to assist if they’re asked to do so. Things like referrals, testimonial letters, agreeing to behave as a reference, and introductions to their affiliation are all offshoots of this method.

So there you’ve got got it. These are the 4 simple targets of any commercial enterprise. Business desires techniques and formulation to usually get new clients, fulfill them, that is an allusive and disturbing preferred, hold them, which calls for extra than turning in what you receives a commission for, and develop commercial enterprise with them or with their assist.

These are the simple ideas of commercial enterprise, and that they ought to be on the coronary heart of each properly commercial enterprise, and each properly Franchise gadget. Evaluating a Franchise gadget must encompass an evaluation of the way properly the Franchisor is familiar with those ideas, and the way properly they execute techniques to lead them to happen.