Brain Development and Due Process

Africans, mainly Nigerians are stereotyped on the net and offline in overseas nations as corrupt, cheats, and thieves.

Whenever I must introduce myself to overseas contacts, whether or not online or offline, I should make seen attempt to show my touch wrong, due to the fact she or he right away sees me as a scammer-419, some other Nigerian cheat or thief.

This state of affairs should be very disheartening to harmless Nigerians, who should be questioning why authorities appear not able to accurate the lousy state of affairs. But must the question; why is our state bedeviled with the rip-off scourge and corruption that garbage us withinside the eyes of the worldwide network now no longer be asked?

The solution is: Our society is carbohydrate-based and so terrible-brained, and authorities officers are merchandise of this equal carb-society. Just as over intake of carbohydrates predisposes to the lousy degenerative ailment called diabetes, our united states and continent regularly degenerate into poverty, corruption, and rip-off scourge of worldwide dimension.

Yes, it really is true!

The genesis of corruption is poverty. Both Continental and country-wide poverty stem from the loss of balanced diets that end result in stunted mind development.

Nigerian and certainly African diets are 90rbohydrate and 10% of overcooked soups, with little or no or no vitamins required via way of means of the human mind to broaden absolutely for you to be capable of cope with due process.

Because of this state of affairs, dishonest which starts off evolved proper from faculty coupled with lopsided curricular taught via way of means of teachers, tutors, and teachers who’re ill-prepared each intellectually and materially produce graduates whose foremost intention in lifestyles is intake via way of means of all method, in a comatose economic system of abject loss of sincere method of livelihood.

The mind is the wise a part of the frame. It controls the relaxation of the frame thru the translation of sensory impulses that trigger the one-of-a-kind features of lifestyles. A mind this is carbohydrate-based is incapable of due process, each inside and without.

The maximum feature of lifestyles is wondering which takes vicinity withinside the mind via way of means of the consistent switch of chemical alerts among mind cells, as much as 1000 times a second.

To be capable of doing its paintings of coordination and manage of lifestyles’ features, the mind’s dietary desires should be met for it to fabricate accurate and good enough amount of chemical compounds that it requires, weight loss plan should bring accurate and good enough amount of vitamins into the blood movement and throughout the blood-mind barrier to offer consistent nourishment, replenishment and each hormonal and chemical balances with the intention to assist mind’s intellectual cap potential for due process.

Just like different cells and organs of the frame, the mind’s requirement and availability or non-availability of vitamins forestall or predisposes stress, impairment, or loss of vigor. Which results in the mind devising shortcuts including dishonesty and corruption as opposed to due process?

This is a heavy charge for relying on diets that might be without each fundamental and hint minerals, nutrients and protein.

Most Nigerian and certainly black African diets are 90rbohydrate and 10% of vain overcooked vegetable soups. Fruits are eaten inconsistently, despite the fact that each vegetable and fruit’s nutrient contents are nearly completely diluted via way of means of terrible soil, unsafe agricultural practices, and meal processing strategies that depart very little vitamins for the mind to broaden absolutely and be capable of cope with due process.