The Nobel Prize in Nursing – A Recognition Whose Time Has Come

Think approximately all of the infinite hours the nurses spend in all of the emergency rooms, extensive care units, hospitals and clinics of the sector, tending the sick, restoration the wounded, and bringing light, wish, and higher fitness to the hundreds of thousands across the globe…

Think approximately the qualifications they convey about this type of vital public feature and what could have occurred in the event that they were not there withinside the congested hospitals and struggle fields of the sector?

Isn’t that a carrier same in significance to the only brought with the aid of using a Nobel-rate winner author, doctor, or politician? Ask the hundreds of thousands who’ve skilled the mystical presence of an expert nurse subsequent to their working desk or medical institution bed, and the solution may be a resounding “Yes!”

So why is there now no longer a comparable Nobel prize for the Nurses, spotting at the least one “restoration angel” on behalf of all of the different limitless healthcare providers, honoring them and spotting their undeniable contribution to the sector fitness and peace?

A Baltimore Sun op-ed penned with the aid of using Columbia University nursing professor Kristine Gebbie and Center for Nursing Advocacy govt director Sandy Summers has raised the equal outstanding query and we are hoping it might not be the last.

If there may be a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, why now no longer additionally have one in Nursing?

After recalling the contributions of a few, in reality, brilliant nurses like Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), Mary Breckinridge (1881-1965), Susie Kim, and Elizabeth Ngugi, the authors make the subsequent observations:

“Who cares whether or not nurses win global prizes? We all should. The international is suffering from the deadly consequences of a nursing shortage and the associated migration of nurses far from the neediest countries – due in element to a lack of know-how of the character and cost of the profession.

The popularity that includes such prizes ought to substantially gain the public’s fitness with the aid of using proclaiming to the sector, from preschoolers to countrywide leaders, that nursing is one of the maximum crucial fields of human endeavor.”

Given the truth that the present Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine acknowledges best the clinical studies in medicine, we actually want a brand new class to honor the undeniable contribution nurses make to our lives.