Single Point Nitrous Oxide Injection Systems

We have mentioned how nitrous oxide works and the impacts it could have on your engine if abused. Now let’s see the unmarried factor injection machine. These are the maximum, not unusual place and easy packages of nitrous oxide, so we are able, to begin with, them.

Dry unmarried factor nitrous injection structures have an unmarried nozzle and one nitrous solenoid. They also are referred to as unmarried fogger structures. In this kind of nitrous oxide setup, the nitrous is added to the engine from the solenoid via the unmarried nozzle. These easy setups would require extra gasoline to maintain the air gasoline ratio at the greatest levels. This may be finished via way of means of including a gasoline stress regulator that will increase gasoline stress to the injectors whilst the nitrous solenoid is activated.

A usual unmarried factor injection machine can come in varieties: moist or dry injection. The dry injection structures deliver handiest the nitrous oxide to the machine. Wet injection structures blend the nitrous with gasoline earlier than handing over it to the engine. The dry injection machine may also comprise a solenoid, the nitrous jets, and the nitrous stress reference gasoline stress regulator.

To get the delivered more gasoline, those structures will clamp the go back gasoline strains beneath neath nitrous conditions, elevating the gasoline stress on the injectors. This will offer more gasoline had to live on the greatest aggregate levels. The downside of those structures is that you may handiest squeeze a lot of gasoline out of the inventory injectors and gasoline pump and because the gasoline ratio leans out beneath neath heavy nitrous runs, you get an accelerated danger of untimely detonation which, whilst coupled with nitrous oxide, will have a few horrible results.

Wet unmarried factor injection structures use a fogging or “fogger” nozzle to combine the gasoline and nitrous collectively earlier than spraying it into the consumption. These structures resolve the trouble of the dry unmarried factor structures now no longer being capable of offering sufficient gasoline. Considering that current intakes are designed to glide air and are now no longer liquid, it’s miles crucial to combine the gasoline and nitrous fuel online earlier than the consumption throttle frame.

Most tuners and mechanics recommend a minimum of six inches earlier than the throttle frame to get an excellent aggregate. Since this kind of fogging machine has its personal gasoline delivery, it isn’t always restrained to the gasoline pump’s output.

Which one is better? That relies upon how an awful lot of nitrous oxide you must run via the machine. Dry factor injection is commonly excellent for as much as 50 horsepower pictures due to the even gasoline distribution from the injectors. A shot large than this and also you danger walking lean, so the extra gasoline is wanted from a moist injection machine.

It is likewise an excellent concept to run cooler grade spark plugs and as a minimum ninety-one octane fuel line for those packages. Above 50 horsepower pictures, and you can want to retard the timing via way of means of 2-four degrees.

If you must blow the doorways off the opposition with a seventy-five shot or greater of nitrous oxide, look at an instantaneous port injection machine. These nitrous oxide injection structures could be used especially for race packages, and aren’t encouraged for road use. These sorts of structures could be checked out in extra elements in our subsequent segment.