Where Is Our Largest Technological Plan?

The period, greater or much less three hundred and sixty-five days earlier than Sept. 11. The White House Technology Advisor labored withinside mankind biggest plan till now, to put in splendid communication and IT community of one hundred Mb/s in one hundred million homes withinside the subsequent 10 years. A plan was larger than Kennedy’s plan to the region a person withinside the Moon in 10 years.

The plan become being evolved with lots of priorities, 470 organizations had already petitioned to take part and/or to invest, they mentioned the greater appropriate communications protocol some of the existent ones – because the H.323 – and the brand new ones, etc. The forecast becomes to announce it till the stop of 2002.

That plan had very massive goals, amongst which I can remember:

01. e-Surgery

02. e-Physician

03. e-Education (all levels)

04. e-Training (for organizations)

05. e-Business (B2B, B2C, C2B, and with the aid of using voice)

06. Iterative TV

07. e-Movies

08. e-Security (Federal, State, Country, homes)

09. e-Elections

10. TV telephony

11. e-Police

12. e-Government (all among the authorities and the Citizens)

13. e-Theater

14. e-Conferences

15. e-Libraries

16. e-Sciences

17. e-Polls

18. e-Management

19. TeleCommuter (domestic work)

20. All IT processing and garage thru remote records centers

21. An anticipated one million new organizations

and greater e-Xs than you may imagine.

In each second that I notion of this plan, I lamented things: first, to be 73-years vintage and in all likelihood can not accompanies him withinside the subsequent 30 years, and second, the handfuls of technological thoughts that I may want to suggest.

And then the Sept. 11 happened, the principle countrywide precedence moved to safety matters, the investments – authorities and privates – moved to every other guideline and the humans concerned greater approximately the instant than with the future.

CISSP New Cerfication

PSM-II New Cerfication

CFA-Level-I New Cerfication

CFA-Level-II New Cerfication

CFA-Level-III New Cerfication

SSM New Cerfication

PSM-I New Cerfication

SAFe-Agilist New Cerfication

SPLK-1004 New Cerfication

SPLK-3003 New Cerfication

SPLK-3001 New Cerfication

SPLK-2002 New Cerfication

SPLK-1001 New Cerfication

SPLK-1002 New Cerfication

SPLK-1003 New Cerfication

PCNSE New Cerfication

VMCE2020 New Cerfication

SOA-C02 New Cerfication

XK0-004 New Cerfication

SY0-601 New Cerfication

SY0-501 New Cerfication

PK0-004 New Cerfication

SK0-004 New Cerfication

SAFe-DevOps New Cerfication

SPLK-2001 New Cerfication

SOA-C01 New Cerfication

SAP-C01 New Cerfication

SCS-C01 New Cerfication

SVC-19A New Cerfication

SSCP New Cerfication

SMC New Cerfication

SC-300 New Cerfication

PCAP-31-02 New Cerfication

ITIL-4-Foundation New Cerfication

SC-200 New Cerfication

SC-400 New Cerfication

PCAP-31-03 New Cerfication

PCAP-NP-31-02 New Cerfication

PT0-001 New Cerfication

NCA-5.15 New Cerfication

But with the intention to survive, without the smallest doubt, we want this technological plan with the intention to keep the sector technological hegemony of america withinside the subsequent 30-forty years and as a result, our global financial hegemony. And as you realize, I am speaking approximately our kid’s and grandsons future.

Now we’re selecting a brand new President however any that involves being the chosen, once more that plan should have completely excessive precedence, and for its greatness and for its lengthy length obviously, he does not depend upon a particular Party or particular authorities.

Now we’ve got lots of communique merchandise and services – mobiles and its thousand of programs, virtual TV, etc – and lots of IT programs and services – CRM Customer Relationship Management with state-of-the-art voice and bidirectional Call Centers, ERP Enterprise Resources Planning, Voice over IP VOIP, BI Business Intelligence, Data Mining, AI Artificial Intelligence, GSI, the extensive Internet and it’s thousands of programs, etc – however, all the ones are small embryos of what’s viable to do.

What did we want to do?

As the plan is herbal and technologically viable and in its biggest component relies upon greater at the non-public projects and much less at the authorities, my thought is the advent of a nonpolitical Foundation to combat this plan withinside the White House, the Congress, the media, the society, the industries, the colleges, etc., and obviously to combine all the one’s sides.

I actually have the liberty of projects in my blood and for me, not anything is greater effective than a completely proper entrepreneur. After all, the ones marketers created the hit the United States, consequently, we want simplest to copy the recipe.