Charlie Morecraft – Why His Safety Videos Matter

Bottom line – due to the fact they pressure your personnel to consider protection whilst they may be at the activity site. The Charlie Morecraft collection of movies, Remember Charlie and others, comply with the tale of Charlie whilst he sustained extreme paintings associated with harm. They inform the tale of a person who idea he was “too difficult” to put on protection gadgets or comply with protection protocol. Quite simply, Charlie is like maximum of your personnel.

Why do the Charlie Morecraft movies matter? Because he represents how maximum of your personnel assume. Let’s face it, your personnel are bored once they take a seat down via protection schooling. They frequently assume that accidents appear to a person else, can not appear to them, and that protection schooling is simply something else that they have got to do each yr to satisfy a few OSHA requirements.

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The Charlie Morecraft protection movies connect to folks that watch them. Employees who watch the DVDs at some point of protection schooling, see themselves in Charlie.

They see that accidents can and do appear and that one’s accidents have very dire consequences. They see how piece-associated harm may be avoided through following very fundamental protection protocol.

What else do Mr. Morecraft’s protection schooling movies do? They inspire folks that watch them. Have you ever visible a collection of grown men, steelworkers no less, destroy down in tears at looking at a protection video? I even have and it’s far pretty powerful.

You understand that if this movie has that plenty effect on a collection of difficult pro workers, this is certainly is pretty motivating. Charlie Morcraft’s movies will surely upload an effect on your worker protection schooling regimen.

What all this comes right all the way down to is simple. Safety schooling is boring, you comprehend it and your personnel comprehends it. You need to do something to shake it up, to seize their attention, to lead them to assume and understand that their lives, their household’s lives, and their destiny is at stake. You need to emotionally connect to them and lead them to listen.

By all accounts, the Charlie Morecraft movies do that, and that they do it in spades. Show those protection movies at your subsequent protection assembly and you’ll see what different have visible. Powerful, motivating, emotional, and impactful. What else ought to you ask for?