How to Get the Case Off Your PC!

This is step one to servicing, upgrading, or disposing of PC hardware out of your PC. Refer to my different articles on adding, upgrading, or disposing of pretty much any piece of hardware.

First matters first, get that case off your PC. This is normally completed with the aid of using disposing of the screws at the back. Don’t get rid of those close to your energy delivery! This will motive your energy delivery to fall out. Simply get rid of the screws alongside the facet that appear to be maintaining the case to the frame. Usually, that is approximately 6-nine screws. This will get rid of each side.

If you’re aiming at most effective disposing of one facet (occasionally that is best, as you most effectively want to provide one facet) then get rid of the 3 screws maintaining the only facet on. (For clone PCs. For IBM/Compaqs, refer below). After you have the screws off both the only facet or each side, certainly slide the edges off toward the front facet (the facet wherein the energy button is).

If you have an IBM or Compaq, you’ll want to get rid of all of the screws maintaining the case onto the back, after which hire one or each method.

Some IBM PCs require you to “yank” the case off. Don’t be rough – simply get rid of the screws, then preserve the PC in each palm and pull the case toward you, withinside the course going through the front. Some of those may be pretty demanding to get loose. The different approach is the usage of push tabs – a few PC instances have those, so in case you are having trouble, search for those puppies.